From The Principal's Desk

Looking back over the past years of this school, my heart swells with joy and thankfulness. In all trials and tribulations of the yester years, in all the success and failures, the moments of glory and dark days...God has always been our provider. The vision to build this school was a God-given one, and back in those days with the least means available, we looked only to Him for provisions.


Psalm 121 “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from Lord, which made heaven and earth.”


As the Psalmist writes, so did I look up and receive His wisdom and His strength for the day to day work. This school would not stand here and the thousands of life would not be impacted had God’s hand of grace not been on us and on this work. I have been willing to be used wherever there was a need. I looked and served people where God placed me.


I reflect back on the innumerable blessings and favour we received. The joy of seeing people grow along with the growth of school is unmatched. To see my children most of them having joined the school in nursery and then grow over the years to be successful in their lives today is most rewarding.


 In all these years of service to the school, I cannot ever forget the life changing experiences of the people associated with this school- students, teachers, parents. I have had privilege of walking along side so many, sharing their joys and sorrow. And through it all I have come to be leader that I am today. I have fulfilled many roles, that of an administrator, an encourager, a motivator, a disciplinarian. I have stood in the gap and been an intercessor.


It was Lord Montgomery who wrote, “Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose of my staff. I had to not only inspire their confidence.” The PAS vision was cast long back but as a leader

I had the task of making it the common purpose of my staff. I had to not only inspire their confidence but motivate them to see the task of teaching the children as their God – given purpose not to be taken lightly.


The students have and will always be on my heart.  My joy is to see them develop into their fullest potential and for each of them to recognise how unique they are. I often tell them, they are no two copies of you, so be who you are and do all the good things that only you can do. I am happy that my students are placed all over the globe and are impacting lives.


Rita Prasad