Teacher’s Day Webinar

For the past 26 years, The Pentecostal Assembly  Schoolhas been celebrating ‘Teacher’s Day’ by inviting different teacher friends from other schools of the city for an evening of fellowship and exchange. This year’s Pandemic threatened to interrupt this long standingtradition. However, under the creative and dynamic leadership of our Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad and our Administrative Officer, Mr. Daniel Michael Prasad this year’s celebrations were shifted to an online platform of a Webinar. Teachers were invited from different countries with different time zones and of different states of our vast nation.From the East to the West, the North to the South, this grand celebration connected three generations of teachers from 5 countries, 42 cities and 17 states and 56 schools. Overall 135 enthusiastic participants with  65 guest teachers along with 70 host teachers of the school attended the webinar on 5th of September at 4:00 pm.

 The theme of the Webinar was to overcome all challenges, come what may.  An inspiring song, written and composed by the PAS teachers, ‘Shiksha ke  Dip ko Nit Prajalit karte jayen’ was premiered on this occasion that showcased the grit and determination of the teaching fraternity. The circumstances of the pandemic and accompanying lockdown have not dampened the resolve of the teachers. Their resilience and passion for teaching have found expression in thenovel ways they have found to connect with their students and keep them moving on their journey of learning,

The whole aura was flooded with PAS family members connecting old teachers with new ones. There was a nostalgic feeling when the old teachers started sharing their memories. Our Chief Academic Officer, Mrs. Rita Prasad was overwhelmed when she witnessed the presence of old teachers who had been a part of the foundational years of the school.

The program started with a prayer by our Director sir, Rev. Dr D. N Prasad followed by a warm welcome  by our Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad.  All the guest teachers got the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly. The audience was mesmerized to see the short presentation by a team of P.A.S. teachers on the poem ‘A Heart Of A Teacher’. It was a moment of great fun when different videos on online teaching were presented on screen. PAS teachers take great effort in teaching online and that was crystal clear in their videos. The webinar also included  variety of  interesting games. The program concluded with word of thanks delivered by Mrs. Kavita Joseph. It was a  grand success  under the guidance of our  beloved Principal  Madam.

Teacher's Day Celebration

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams.

The Pentecostal Assembly School celebrated Teacher’s Day with zeal and zest on September 4, 2020. Special morning assemblies were conducted to commemorate this special day. It was addressed by the Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad. A beautiful speech was delivered by her appreciating the entire staff for their diligence, sincerity and hardwork filled everyone’s heart with affection.

There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere on the online platform which was quite contagious. Special assemblies were organized for Prep –std. V, std. VI-VII, std.-IX&X and std.- XI& XII wherein students paid homage to their teachers through poems, speeches, songs and many other talents. There were various competitions like- Pencil Sketching, Art & Craft, Short film making and many more organised to make the day marked and memorable.

The students dedicated the day to their teachers who are considered to be the second parents of students. They mould their life with love,

affection, dedication and hardwork as ‘A good teacher can inspire hope , ignite imagination and instill love for learning’.

The celebration didn’t stop here, it was carried on to the evening of September 5, where an online get-together of teachers from all around the country took place.

This was the 27th year that the school is conducting this program. We all are aware that how time is changing so with the time we changed our style of celebration by celebrating this beautiful day through a Webinar .As per the school tradition, each teacher of the School invites a teacher friend from another school; this time the tradition was carried but in a unique & exotic manner. The teacher friends were invited from various cities of the country forming a beautiful bouquet on the online platform.

The programme commenced with an opening prayer by Director Sir, Rev. Dr. D. N. Prasad and C.A.O Madam, Mrs. Rita Prasad. The Principal Madam, Dr. Karuna Prasad addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words & welcomed the guest with great pleasure for the celebration.A total of ___ participated in the event which was held via google meet on 5th of September at 4:00 pm

The special celebration for teachers was embedded with outstanding performances by the PAS teachers, they left everyone’s jaws dropped with their fabulously sung song “Aao hum sab aaj milkar sikshak divas manaye...” which was appropriate for the day, thereafter was a choreography on “HEART OF A TEACHER” which turned everyone emotional. After this, teachers indulged in fun filled activities like games, role play, singing, etc. that marked the celebration and together created memories to cherish forever.

Teachers who transform lives and create future proved that with time they have changed, they broke the shackles of gloom ,to head towards the happy room and celebrate the day. All in all it was an eventful day successfully celebrated on the online platform which was enjoyed by everyone.


Webinar by Marc Digha

The year 2020 is called the Super Year for Biodiversity and Nature.

On the occasion of International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) and also in honour of World Environment Day on the 5th of June, 2020, a webinar titled “Renaissance of Mother Earth” was held on the 4th of June, 2020 from 4-6 pm.

Ms. Debashree Dam, Scientist B, MARC, Digha introduced the programme and mastered the whole event. A welcome address was given by Dr.S. Balakrishnan, Scientist D and O/C, MARC, ZSI, Digha after which the programme commenced with great gusto. Dr. A. K. Sanyal the Chairperson, WBBB, Kolkata, gave us a slogan to live by, “Save Nature to Save Ourselves”.

After the scientists had their say, students of various schools and colleges began to give their presentations.

Our school, The Pentecostal Assembly School, Bokaro Steel City had an excellent presentation on the topic “Renaissance of Mother Earth” presented by Nandini and Ajmal Hussain of Class XII. The presenter of the slide show was Kumari Shalini of class XII. The students coordinated very well in enlightening the audience on how the Covid-19 pandemic and the following Lockdown has had a very great impact on nature. Nature has gotten back on its feet, so to speak. We need to maintain this scenario of a healthy balance between humans and the environment around humans so that the future generations can expect to live long lives full of vigour and vitality, because nature is the best solution to our problems. Transformation on our part in restoring balance in nature is our responsibility. The children said, we ought to be humble before Mother Nature, which touched our hearts deeply. The presentation concluded with a beautiful four-line song composed by the then Founder-Principal, Mrs. Rita Prasad, now CAO of our School:
“Come and sing with me the song of the sea
  Marine life calls me, ’Please, take care of me.’
  I feel so moved and sorry for you,
  I will do my part to take care of you.”
The Chief Academic Officer of The Pentecostal Assembly School, Mrs. Rita Prasad, Bokaro Steel City gave a passionate speech on the way educational institutions can aid in the renaissance of mother earth. In her presentation, she said the four pillars of education were Learn to know, Learn to do, Learn to live together and Learn to be. The system of education is going to hence-forth be competency-based and skill-based. Therefore, she reiterated the importance of training our senses, and that of students to be keen observers and to develop a culture of care. She gave us an Acronym on CARE:
C – Change your mindset, your concern matters
A – Awareness, Attitude, Action
R – Response, Responsibility, Resourceful
E – Explore, Exercise, Evaluate

The webinar concluded with a vote to thanks by Dr. P.C. Tudu, Scientist C, MARC, Digha.

It was indeed such an honour to be in the midst of innocent but inquiring, intelligent students from different states of India and one from Singapore who presented their matter with a lot of zest. We were privileged to have honourable scientists, Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Scientist D, MARC, Digha, Dr. Sandeep Tiwari, DD, WTI, New Delhi, also known to many as the “Elephant Man”, Dr. P.C. Tudu, Scientist C, MARC, Digha, Dr. Debabrata Sen in our midst who contributed valuable information. The nuggets shared by the great scientists in our midst will never leave our minds, but inspire us to love and live honouring our mother earth and taking great care of it. Able academicians such as principals, and teachers were also among the august gathering.





ADITYA ANAND(200310077356) of Std. XII-D scored 99.75 percentile in JEE (MAIN)-2020.The school family extends its love and blessings to the young achiever.

Cultural Week (8-12 June 2020)

Online  Celebration of Art and Culture at The Pentecostal Assembly School

We maybe in a lockdown but nothing can dampen the high spirits and creative outpouring of the talented teachers and students of The Pentecostal Assembly School.

So what if kids can’t come to school in this Pandemic situation, their expression of creativity has just shifted onto a virtual plane. This whole week, June 8th to June 12th  was an energy packed, exhilarating and extremely rewarding week at The PAS which celebrated it as Online Art and Culture week for Prep to Std 12.

  Under the creative guidance and dynamic leadership of the Principal, Dr Karuna Prasad,  a whole range of interesting activities were planned for students  that ranged from Art n Craft, Collage-Making, Best out of Waste, Origami ,and even Face Mask Designing (how useful in these times!!); Declamation and Elocution contests,  Mono Acting , Show and Tell,  Story Reading,  Poster-making, Stamp Designing, Nail art Face Painting,  Ad making, Short film and Video making,  Yoga Competition, The Voice of PAS,  Solo Dance competition and yes, the very favourite, Lockdown Recipes- a cooking contest. Competitions were open to all students. They could choose any or all of the events to participate in.

 The overwhelming response of the students with the ardent support of the parents is worth noting. In a span of one week, the school was flooded with more than 2000 entries for various competitions.  All entries were judged with precision by different panel of judges and all results posted very promptly online.

 The school has always afforded opportunities to students to discover who they are, to identify their talents and find strength in the acknowledgement of their abilities.  These online competitions did just that- in the midst of their isolation, it connected the students back to the school, allowed them to express their thoughts and their feelings through various medium and also re-bonded them with their community of school, classmates and teachers. Education is not just about text books, lectures and assignments, it is a preparation for life.  Students have gone beyond the run of the mill competitions and through their participation, proved that they are adapting to new technology and finding new means of expressing themselves. In as much, this resounding success of the online Celebration of Art and Culture at The Pentecostal Assembly School has proved that the Human Spirit is resilient and that we can emerge from this envelope of fear of the Covid-19 and continue to live in hope and victory through our actions.


Senior Annual Sports Meet-2019

Well goes the saying “ Healthy mind resides in a healthy body” 29th Annual Sports Day for Secondary and Senior Secondary was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm on 6th December 2019. On that day the whole school was excited about events and it had a festive look. Each and everyone was energised with the feeling of sportsmanship.The programme commenced with the welcome address by Mrs. Shweta Kumar who welcomed the Chief Guest , MR. HARIMOHAN JHA, G.M. , H.R.D., SAIL the school management and the students. A mellifluous welcome song was presented by the students of VI, VII & VIII. Then started the March Past by the students of Class VIII, IX & XI which enthralled the audience. The chief guest and Director Sir Rev.Dr.D.N. Prasad took the salute of the impressive March followed by the oath taking ceremony by the School Captain Shweta Kumari.The overall championship trophy for the Senior Section Boys was given to Harsh Raj Horo (XII C) – Joy House, Tabish Iqbal (XI D)-Joy House, and for the girls was given to Nisha Ranjan (XII D)-Faith House, Marynella Kispotta (XI C)- Hope House and Aditi (VI A) -Faith House .Hope House was declared as the winner of the day with 1048 points and Faith House was the runner-up for the Senior Section with 829 points.

Senior Cultural Programme

The Pentecostal Assembly School organized a colorful and mesmerizing Annual Cultural Programme (VI-XII) with great zeal and enthusiasm on 30th September 2019. The evening programme commenced with the opening prayer by Director Sir, Rev. Dr.D.N. Prasad and Principal Madam, Mrs. Rita Prasad. The Vice Principal of the school, Dr. Karuna Prasad gave a welcome address to the distinguished guests. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. John TapanKongari(DGM, Law Dept., SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant). The chief guest was welcomed cordially with a beautiful bouquetby the Students’ Council members.The entire programme was embedded with sparkling and enthralling performances by students. 

History Day (XI & XII)

Know your History

Gandhiji rightly said “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will’. It is this will ignited the flame of the freedom movement and finally India got her freedom and broke free from the Shakles of slavery on 15th August 1947. To instill patriotism and remember the contribution of the great freedom fighters history day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. Every year the students of The Pentecostal Assembly School celebrate History Day. This year it was celebrated on 8th August. The spirit of freedom and nationalism was well-exhibited through a spectrum of patriotic programmes. It started with a group song by the Arts Students of class XI and XII, ‘Ai Watan”. Then a duet song was sung melodiously by the two talented students of class XII, Cepha K. Antony and Rima Paul. A patriotic poem was recited by Nandita Kumari of class XI and the last segment of the programme was a Power Point Presentation depicted by Indian History from the beginning of the Harappan Civilization till the launching of the Chandrayan-2.The Power Point Presentation was a Kaleidoscope to the Indian history. The audience was spell bound by the presentation and felt proud being the part of the Great Nation.It was successful because of the co-operation of our School Management, Principal Mam and Vice-Principal Madam. Special thanks to Mrs. Sheela Roy Sharma, Mrs. Sherly Mariyadas  & entire Arts Team for their effort and co-operation.


Kavi Sammelan

Rishabh Pratik- 1st

Arshi Rathore-2nd

Sudeshna Chatterjee-3rd


“Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the pinnacle of success.”This momentous day of 10th July, 2019 dawned to bestow responsibilities on the newly formed Students’ Council to lead the school with their commitment, confidence and competence. The event began with a presentation ‘I want to serve the purpose of God’ by the school choir. Our visionary Principal Madam Mrs. Rita Prasad led the newly formed Council down the aisle to the stage where she pinned the badges to the prefects and the Council members. It was a moment of great honour as she handed over the flag to the upcoming leaders .

Founder's Day Celebration

The staff and students of The Pentecostal Assembly School celebrated Founder’s Day with the greatest jubilation. Rev. Dr. D.N. Prasad- the Founder of our renowned institution – is a self-made man- with a big vision to impact the society and the nation at large. His birthday marks a momentous day for the entire The Pentecostal Assembly School family as we revisit his valuable contribution in building this great school. Students of the school expressed their deep sense of gratitude and love for their visionary leader as each section- Primary, Middle school, Secondary and Senior Secondary organised special assemblies in honour their revered Director Sir.

Star of PAS

Pentecostal Product Brings Honour to The City

A firm determination can overcome every challenge. Kumari Sunita has more than proved this saying by outshining all others to crack the most prestigious examination of our country U.P.SC Ranked 269 in the UPSC Examination..Kumari Sunita passed out from The Pentecostal Assembly School, Bokaro in the year 2008. Even at school she had carved a niche for herself and teachers remembers her as a principled and hard working student. She served the school as Captain of Peace House.Our Honourable Director Sir Rev. Dr. D.N. Prasad and Principal Madam Mrs. Rita Prasad were jubilant to receive the news that their very own student had brought honour to the school the proud parents Shri. Hari Pad Mahata and Mrs. Shobha Devi visited the school on Saturday 28.04.2018 and were congratulated by Director Sir and Principal Madam for this remarkable achievement of their daughter.